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Head of EU calls nationalists 'stupid' because they 'love their county'.

Maybe he was drunk again?

The head of the European Commission, President Jean-Claude Juncker, called out “stupid nationalists" in an interview to CNN on Wednesday, on the eve of the European Parliament election.

“These populist, nationalists, stupid nationalists, they are in love with their own countries.” Juncker told CNN. “They don’t like those coming from far away, I like those coming from far away … we have to act in solidarity with those who are in a worse situation than we are in.” he also added.



Some background about Mr. Juncker. This is the same Juncker who previously called Fidel Castro, the Cuban dictator who murdered thousands of his own people, imprisoned and tortured tens of thousands more and made millions of Cubans flee from their own country in terror, a "hero".

Juncker also last year defended Karl Marx’s record as a philosopher, arguing that he is not “responsible” for mistakes and atrocities committed in his name after his death. So for Juncker brutal dictators are "heroes" and the father of the most murderous ideology in human history basically did nothing wrong, but nationalists are bad and "stupid" because they "are in love with their country." It sounds that the only one who is truly "stupid" is Juncker. And while we're discussing Juncker's rather limited intellectual capacities, while commemorating the Rwandan genocide earlier this year, this often inebriated buffon almost set on fire the Rwandan president, his wife and other people. And this is the guy who's basically in charge in the EU, no wonder why its been doing so great lately and why the UK choose to leave.



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