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UN condemns Macron over brutality against Yellow Vests protests.

It looks like the UN didn't get the memo about how you're not suppose to criticise Macron, no matter how many protesters he beats, shoots. injures and arrests. Unlike the EU and the media, which have been trying to cover up the massive humans rights abuses the Macron has been inflicintg on unarmed citizens trying to protests against his increasing pro EU authoretarian regime, the UN human rights chief publicly issued a statement condemning it.



The UN human rights chief called Wednesday for a "full investigation" into the possible excessive use of force by French government and the police during the "yellow vest" demonstrations.

"The 'Gilets Jaunes' (yellow vests) have been protesting what they see as exclusion from economic rights and participation in public affairs," rights chief Michelle Bachelet said in her annual address to the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva.

"We encourage the government to continue dialogue - including follow-up to the national discussions which are currently underway - and urge full investigation of all reported cases of excessive use of force".


Yellow vest demonstrations have taken place across France since November. The protests began over fuel taxes but mushroomed into a revolt by people in rural and small-town France against President Emmanuel Macron's policies. A remider that these protests against Macron has been going on for 17 weeks now, and there are over 100 documented cases of serious injuries since the first nationwide protests on November 17, including 15 cases of people losing an eye.In total, since the "gilets-jaunes" protests began in November, 3,000 people have been injured or even maimed and thousands more arrested. The disproportionate violent response to these protests by the Macron regime, which included deploying armored vehicles, helicopters and police brutality and the casualties they inflict among French protesters, has been largely been ignored by the world media, and instead their focus were on looters and violent fringe protesters.



Ten deaths have been linked to the unrest. Nine involved traffic accidents and an 80-year-old woman died after being hit in the face by a tear gas grenade while closing the shutters at her home.

The EU is also silent about the ongoing barbarity perpetuated by Macron against his own people, because of their support for him and his rabid pro EU stances. While other countries or politicians which are critical of the EU and its policies are attacked by the EU ( countries like Italy, Poland and Hungary) for doing basically anything, the EU will never ever condemn Macron and his documented brutality and deliberate attacks on French protesters, which happpen to be EU citizens as well.

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