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The head of the EU congratulates Putin on his democratic 're-election'.

The head of the EU Jean Claude Juncker has congratulated Vladimir Putin on “winning” the Russian elections. A reminder, the Russian “elections” were only elections by name, seeing how every opposition figure who was considered of having even a remote chance of getting any number of substantial votes was barred from running, as in the case of Alexy Navalny, or happened to be brutally murdered, as in the case of Boris Nemtsov. But all of that does not concern Mr. Juncker and the EU, who see the Russian elections as being fair and free and Russia is a functioning democracy apparently. This isn't the first time Juncker has publicly tweeted his support for dictators and undemocratic leaders. In a previous tweet following the death of the Communist dictator Fidel Castro he called the Cuban mass murderer a "hero".

This is the same Juncker and EU who regularly criticize, threaten and attack European countries like Poland and Hungary and call them authoritarian and undemocratic, because they freely elect governments that don't follow the party line from Brussels. Juncker even went further and called Viktor Orban, the Hungarian leader, a "dictator" in public and to his face.

The same Juncker and EU also regulatory criticize, threaten and attacks countries like Turkey for their “lack of democracy and freedom” but comparing to Russia, Turkey is a haven of both freedom and democracy. Maybe this is the sort of Russian style “elections” and “democracy" that the EU is planning to implement once it turns the whole of Europe into a transnational superstate, as Juncker himself has indicated in his speeches in the past was the goal of the current EU.

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