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Germany's top politician threatens EU members who refuse to join an EU superstate.

Germany's second most popular and powerful political figure, the head of Germany's Social Democrats, Martin Schulz, a potential future governing partner of Chancellor Angela Merkel, called Thursday for the creation of a superstate "United States of Europe" by 2025.

Schulz says that this new superstate will not be a “threat” to member states but a “beneficial addition”. What he means to say is that it will not be a threat to member states, because there won't be member states anymore in this new US of EUrope, not the way we know them. Of course they would exist, with some level of autonomy, but stripped from their sovereignty and independence they will be under the strict rule and authority of the EU state, which will call the shots on all important issues, as federal governments often do. Furthermore Schulz went on to threaten all the EU countries by stating that any country won't give up its sovereignty and independence and sign this new "treaty" and join the “EU superstate” will be kicked out of the EU.

It is obvious that such threats, made by Germany's top politician, and aimed at other member states, will not go down well with other EU member states, to say the least. To have a high up German politician barking orders at other countries and threatening them is reminiscent of how things went on in Europe in the 1930s. One would have thought that Germany and its politicians would learn from that lesson, and would never presume to dictate to other countries what they can or cannot do in what is suppose to a “Union” of equal and free states in modern day Europe, or at least that's how the EU likes to present itself.

Furthermore, this crazy declarations by Schulz cannot but add huge momentum and energy to the already increasing pan European EU skeptic movements, parties and politicans. This is because the EU was never popular in Europe, and its popularity has been dwindelling over the years, leading to Brexit and the rapid rise of EU skeptic forces in Europe itself. Just a reminder The Netherlands's second largest party is EU skeptic, The next election in Italy will likely be won by an EU skeptic party, and not to mention how France's second most popular politician, Marine Le Pen, is also an EU skeptic. Add to that the goverments of Hungary, Poland and even countries like Denmark, Austria and Czech republic, which have challenged the EU on many issues in the past, and you could have a recipe for disaster for the EU in its present form, if the EU really adopts Schulz's insane plans. One cannot but help to wonder is Mr. Schulz, insane, stupid, or just really bent destroying the current EU, because these are the only possible explanations for his deranged and out right mind boggeling statements and threats.

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