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FB is now using AI to moniter you and your 'bad thoughts'.

FB has announced that it's now will start using artificial intelligence to scan and moniter its users’ posts. Facebook has been testing the technology for nine months in the US, but now it says it has started rolling out its AI outside the US and it will eventually be available worldwide, except in the European Union, because of its General Data Protection Regulation privacy laws, which restrict all forms of profiling. FB and Mark Zuckerberg claim that the AI will scan users’ posts for signs they’re having “bad” or suicidal thoughts. When the AI finds someone that it thinks is having “bad thoughts” and deems that he or she could be in “danger”, the AI flags the post to human moderators who responds by sending the user resources on mental health, or, in more urgent cases, contacting first-responders who can try to find the individual. So the next time you post a sarcastic meme, or ironically comment “OMG I'm going to fucking kill myself!” you could have first responders barging through your front door minutes later. But for anyone who is not a complete moron FB intentions and the real reason for why it introduced the AI is clear. FB is introducing the AI so it can scan everyone's posts in real time, creating the largest surveillance and spying apparatus in the history of mankind.

Before the introduction of the AI, FB merely recorded everything that was posted on its website, now it will have to ability to monitor everything and everyone on its website, in real time. And by monitoring everything in real time, FB and it's AI, can determine what is “bad thoughts”, flag it, and remove it from the website. This AI can also be modified to spy on people, activists or anyone who has an opinion which Facebook or Zuckerberg don't support and flag their posts so FB can then remove them and its users a short time after they were posted. Before the AI people had to manually report or flag posts for FB to remove, but now FB will just program its AI to scan and remove anything the company deems to be “bad thoughts”, with FB the only party who gets to decide what constitutes “bad thoughts”. The overwhelming majority of people who use FB don't even realize that an AI is now monitoring them and everything they post. The future is here, and it's terrifying.

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