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Debunking the excuse that 'FB is a private company so it can do whatever it wants'.

The most common excuse when it comes to FB and Google is that they are a private company, that's why they can get away with anything, ANYTHING, simply because they are private companies. First of, they're not just “private companies”, they are monopolies, or even super monopolies who control almost all of the internet and destroy and stifle any competition that might rise up to challenge them. This is why there are “anti trust” laws in the US and in the world, to insure that monopolies will take over their market and end up ruining it, to regulate the conduct and organization of business corporations, and to generally to promote fair competition for the benefit of consumers. However the problem is that FB and Google are not treated as the super monopolies that they effectively are, and we are all suffering because of that. But while Google has come under, very limited, scrutiny by countries around the world (notably the EU) FB has been able to get away with everything and anything it does.

FB is a virtual dictatorship (literally) that arbitrarily bans and silences people and political views it does not support, while telling the world that it's a "neutral" platform that accepts all political and religious faiths and views. FB routinely removes satirical and inoffensive political content while allowing posts, videos and images of gratuitous graphic violence to remain, despite being reported many times. FB uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to spy, monitor and report it's users posts without their knowledge. FB plans to have this AI moniter and remove content which it, the AI, and not a user or even a human being, does not like or approve. FB pays next to nothing in taxes in the countries it operates. For example, Facebook paid just £4,327 in taxes in the UK in 2014. FB conducted secret psychological experiments on its users by manipulating the emotional and psychological state of unsuspecting users. Hundreds of thousands of FB users were used as guinea pigs in one of the biggest and secret psychological experiments in human history. Recently when the BBC exposed that FB does not remove reported pedophile content FB persecuted and went after the BBC journalists, and blamed them for spreading pedophile content on the FB platform. These are some the results of what happens when an omnipotent super monopoly, drunk on its own power, literally takes over the internet and decides to do whatever it wants to whoever it wants, because it knows that it's above the law and no one will dare to do anything about it. So it's time to do something about it, declare FB and and Google monopolies subjects to local or global anti trust laws, and make them accountable and their actions accountable to the public, because if we don't, things will only get worse. READ MORE POSTS ABOUT FB

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