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Charlie Hebdo mocks Harvey storm victims and portrays them as Nazis.

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

The cover of the latest edition of "satirical" French magazine Charlie Hebdo depicts Texans who drowned in the flood waters of Tropical Storm Harvey as Nazis, it was reported on Wednesday. The paper's latest issue takes aim at a new target: the victims of the catastrophic Hurricane Harvey, which hit Texas on Friday, killing 82 people, displacing tens of thousands from their homes and causing billions of dollars in damage.

‘God Exists! He Drowned All the Neo-Nazis of Texas,’ the controversial weekly magazine writes for its cover story.

The cartoon on the front page shows a torrential downpour drowning a group of people carrying flags with the Nazi swastikas.

Some of the victims on the cover are under water as they do the Nazi salute with their arms outstretched at a 45-degree angle.

Caption says "God Exists! He Drowned All the Neo-Nazis of Texas!".

The illustration is an apparent reference to Texans' support of Donald Trump, who won 52.6 percent of the state's vote in the presidential election, and who according to dernaged people like the "Charlie Hebdo" editors must be Nazis because they didn't vote for Hillary Clinton. But even that insane "explanation" of the cover doesn't hold water (excuse the punt) seeing how the floods caused by Tropical Storm Harvey have decimated Houston, a city with a Democratic mayor which voted overwhelmingly for Hillary Clinton. The surrounding areas of Harris County, which also voted in favor of Clinton, have also been hard-hit by the catastrophic flooding. And since when did became OK to openly mock people who survive a catastrophe? Can you imagine what would be the media's reaction if someone dared to mock the people who worked for "Charlie Hebdo" after ISIS staged a terrorist attack in their offices in 2015 and call the victims and survivors "Communists that deserved it"? But I guess facts, logic and basic common sense and decency are too much for the people who work for this "satire" magazine or for the people who read it.

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