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CNN force Reddit user who made Trump bodyslamming CNN gif to apologise.

A Reddit user claiming to be behind the GIF of Donald Trump body slamming a man with a CNN logo over his face has apologised.

The US President caused outrage when he posted the clip on Twitter on Sunday, and was accused of “encouraging violence” against journalists.

Reddit user HanA**holeSolo came forward to take credit for the GIF, writing he was “honoured” after the President tweeted it from his personal account.

He said: “Holy s***!! I wake up and have my morning coffee and who retweets my s*** post but the MAGA (Make America great again) EMPORER himself!!! I am honored!!”

However, suddenly, HanA**holeSolo has now apologised for offensive clip after CNN tracked him down and attempted to make contact with him about an article they were writing about him. However, it is now CNN and not the redditor who are facing almost universal backlash after running an article on the redditor which seems to more than imply that the news network would reveal the person’s identity if he reneged on an apology.

It is pretty fair to assume that CNN contacted the redditor, who went from gloating and taking pride in the gif he made to apologising and asking forgiveness for it in the space of one day, and apparently threatened him with publishing his identity unless he "apologizes" for the gif he made, or even reneged on the apology, as they state in their own article. However CNN has adamantly defended its handling of the story, issuing a statement Wednesday saying the network did not publish the user’s name out of concern for his safety – and calling any assertion that the network blackmailed him “false.” Sources - The redditor gloating over his gif The redditor apologising for his gif the CNN article about the redditor

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