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"Take in migrants or leave", EU threatens Hungary and Poland.

The Times and other news outlets are reporting that the EU will give an ultimatum to Hungary and Poland this year demanding that they accept their quota of migrants or get out of the EU. If this is true, this could have grave consequences not just to Poland and Hungary, but to the EU and every single member state.

Hungary and Poland have led a rebellion against the forced migrant quotas with a challenge in the EU courts and by flat out refusing to settle any of the 160,000 migrants the EU wants to force countries in the EU to resettle. Poland and Hungary are not alone in this refusal, Austria which claim they already took enough migrants, Slovakia and the Czech Republic are also refusing to accept any of the migrants into their country. But the EU, headed by Germany and France, has singled out Poland and Hungary to be made into an example to the rest of the EU member states as to what will happen to a country that dares to defy any of the EU's pan European policies. The European Court of Justice is expected to hold a hearing on the legality of the migrant quotas within weeks with a judgment, but being the EU court, staffed with EU judges, it is expected to support the forced quotas, likely by the end of year. What the EU is choosing to ignore is the fact that Poland has already accepted hundreds of thousands of of refugees in the last three years, but because they come from Ukraine and not from Syria, the EU, either through ignorance or cynicism, chooses to ignore that fact. If the EU thinks he can bully Hungary or Poland into accepting any of its migrant schemes, it's in for a very ugly surprise, seeing how the population in Hungary and Poland are unanimous and adamant in their refusal to accept migrants into their countries. This means that if the EU persists with its authoritarian and despotic migrant policies, this will force Hungary and Poland to leave the EU, but seeing how the EU is already extremely damaged and fragile after Brexit, this could be the "finishing blow" that will send the EU crashing down and into to the dustbin of history.

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