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FB removes memes and political satire, but not flagged pedofile content.

Something has gone terribly, terribly wrong with Facebook and the person who's the head of it, Mark Zuckerberg. In case people don't know what FB does to its users, here's a summary: FB is a virtual dictatorship (literally) that arbitrarily banns and silences people and political views it does not support. FB routinely removes satirical and inoffensive political content while allowing posts, videos and images of gratuitous graphic violence to remain. FB uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to spy, monitor and report it's users posts without their knowledge. FB conducted secret psychological experiments on its users by manipulating the emotional and psychological state of unsuspecting users. But if all of that was not enough, FB and Zuckerberg even managed to top all of the above insanity when they actually chose to persecute BBC journalists that reported to them that reported pedophile content was not being removed from the website. FB actually went to the police and reported not the people who uploaded the illegal pedophile content, but the BBC journalists who approached FB over flagged pedophile content on FB that FB refused to remove even though it broke FB's “community standards” and the UK law. It is quite clear at this point that FB and Zuckerberg have gone insane with power, thinking they can get away with anything they do, and need to be checked and put in their place by the public. FB is a public company in case people forgot and it's high time for the public to hold FB accountable to all it's crimes, abuses and insanity.

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