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German propaganda whitewashes German crimes in the Holocaust.

February 3, 2017

The terms, "Polish death camp" and "Polish concentration camp" have been increasingly used in reference to concentration camps built and run by Nazi Germany in occupied Poland during World War II.

It has been adopted by the German state TV channel ZDF and other main stream German media, like “Der Spiegel”, as well as by in international media, like “New York Times” or BBC, and increasingly by public figures, including the former US president Barack Obama.

It is shocking that any sane people can believe that the Polish had anything to do with concentration camps - except of course being the largest number of prisoners in them after the Jews.


Shockingly, the origin of the term comes from propaganda operation run by the former Nazis, who after the war became now part of the West German intelligence agency.

In 1956 The West German intelligence, which was headed by Alfred Benzinger (a former Nazi officer), launched a coordinated action to move the blame away from the war criminals under various investigations to their victims. Benzinger adopted the deliberately misleading "Polish death camps" in the mid 1960s in order to suggest that Poles, not Germans, were responsible for the mass genocide during World War II. Meanwhile thousands of former Nazis, their criminal records whitewashed, became part of West German government, its various agencies and civil service.


Recently the German state media, “ZDF”, repeated the “Polish death camp” propaganda in a documentary about WW2. “ZDF” refused to apologize for this and was later sued by by Karol Tendera, a NINETY FIVE years old Polish Auschwitz survivor. He took ZDF to court of the court made the court ruled that ZDF should remove any reference to “Polish death camp” and publicly apologize for using that term. ZDF didn’t follow the Polish court order and did not publish the apology in a clearly visible way on the front page of their website (one had to follow a hardly visible link).


I believe Polish Parliament is about to pass the law to deal with this horrifying international Neo-Nazi propaganda, perpetrated major media outlets around the world. I also hope Polish anti-defamation organisations will make as many millions in punitive damages as the Anti-Defamation League made fighting against Jewish Holocause denial.

After all in Poland the victims of the Germans were equally divided between 3 million Polish Jewish citizens and 3 million Polish non-Jewish, mainly Catholic citizens. Three million more Jews from other European countries were killed by Germans of course, plus tens of millions of civilians in other countries.

If all the Polish can do now is go around with a banner on a lorry to tell people that the victims weren't the perpetrators than we have arrived in the world of unimaginable evil where such hideously immoral misinformation could be accepted by millions around the Western world.

From the WIKI article (the only article about it in English on the whole web besides this one):

"After the fall of Nazism, the wartime alliances ended and the Cold War began. Numerous war criminals, protected by chancellor Konrad Adenauer,[12][13] joined domestic counter-intelligence in order to spy on the Soviet agents within the American-occupied zone. The United States Army turned to Reinhard Gehlen previously in the Wehrmacht for assistance. [14]

The West German intelligence formed Agency 114 (German: Dienststelle 114) within the Gehlen Organization; headed by Alfred Benzinger (a Nazi Abwehrpolizei), who in 1956 launched a coordinated action to move the blame away from the war criminals under various investigations. Benzinger adopted the deliberately ambiguous, loaded phrase "Polish death camps" in the mid 1960s in order to suggest, contrarily to the facts, that Poles, not Germans, were responsible for the mass genocide during World War II. [15]

At the height of the Cold War, the clandestine Agency 114 had been merged into the BND, the successor of the Gehlen Org. It was located in Karlsruhe and the Zimmerle & Co. which served as the front, ostensibly specializing in roller blinds. Aside from Soviet counter-intelligence activities, the agency also began monitoring domestic leftists and pacifists. Alfred Benzinger, a well-experienced former officer of the secret Nazi military police Geheime Feldpolizei remained in charge.

Among the former Nazis who also worked in the agency were: Konrad Fiebig, and Walter Kurreck.[14] It was Benzinger who coordinated the action to propagate a deceitful term "Polish Concentration Camps" in popular media.[15]"



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