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Trump bans people from countries that the US bombed from coming to the US.

President Donald Trump has banned the entry of Syrian refugees into the US until further notice. He has also halted the issuing of visas to the nationals of six other mainly Muslim countries, including Iran, Iraq, Yemen and Libya, for three months. Mr Trump said the measures were part of new measures to "keep radical Islamic terrorists out of the US". Human Rights groups have condemned the move, stating the simple fact that there is no link between Syrian refugees in the US and terrorism. What six of those countries (except Iran) also have in common is that the United States government has violently intervened in them, bombed or invaded them in recent years. The U.S. is currently bombing — or has bombed in the recent past — six of the seven countries on Trump's ban list. In case people have already forgotten, the US invaded Iraq in 2003 - a move that destabilized the whole middle east and gave rise to ISIS. The US and NATO bombed and overthrew Libya's regime in 2011 - which resulted in the fact that Libya today is a failed state engulfed in a horrible civil war. The US has been and is currently bombing and conducting drone air strikes in Yemen, targeting al-Qaeda militants, while supporting its ally Saudi Arabia, which is responsible for many massacres of innocent people in Yemen as a result of its war against the Yemeni Houthi rebels. And in Syria, the US is supporting rebel factions in Syria, some of them are known terrorist organizations and extreme jihadist groups, while conducting a massive air bombing campaign against ISIS. According to Trump, the message is clear: If you come from a country the US has bombed, occupied, invaded, attempted to overthrow, or funneled weapons to, stay out. We don’t want you. We owe you nothing. But don’t worry, the US will probably continue our bomb your country to destabilize your region anyway.

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