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CNN is spreading fake news when it claims the US elections were hacked.

In October, CNN, and in fact many in the mass media, were going out of their way trying to reassure people and voters that it's impossible to hack the US elections. CNN claimed that "election officials and cyber experts say it's virtually impossible for Moscow or some other outside group to influence the election outcome." And they were right, because the elections went off without a problem and without any hacker being able to influence the final results. Fast forward two moths later and after Donald Trump won the elections and now CNN are running articles that try to de-legitimize the election results because they claim that the elections were hacked by Russia. No wonder people are turning to “fake news” and propaganda channels like RT and AJ+ if this is the level of journalism that's displayed by those that's suppose to “real” and “serious” journalists and news networks. Some facts. No one hacked the US elections, there is exactly ZERO evidence that substantiate that claim and this can be considered to be a “Fake news” story. What was hacked were the Democratic party servers and Hillary Clinton's email accounts. This was done by Russian hackers. The only real evidence for that comes from the analyses of private cyber security firms that track and defend against hackers, often in concert with the FBI, NSA and other government agencies.

“CrowdStrike”, a private cyber security firm, uncovered evidence that two groups of Russian hackers he had named Cozy Bear and Fancy Bear, had been behind the DNC hack. Cozy Bear used a tool called SeaDaddy that allowed it to stealthily exfiltrate information from a victim’s computer. The tool was almost identical to another exfiltration tool previously identified by Symantec as belonging to the group of Russian hackers known to have operated at the behest of Russia’s FSB, a main successor agency to the KGB. Subsequent analyses by other private firms found other evidence that Russia was behind the hack. And as the attacks broadened over the course of the 2016 campaign to include the DCCC and the email of Hillary Clinton’s campaign chief, John Podesta, private firms found evidence linking the new hacks back to the DNC hack. Anyone who claims that the elections were hacked by Russia, like CNN, is spreading fake news. SOURCES - CrowdStrike's findings - Subsequent analyses by other private firms - CNN "hacking elections is impossible" -

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