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Anti democracy pro EU forces in the UK attempt to subvert British democracy and derail "Brexit&

The UK High Court has ruled that the Government does not have power to trigger Article 50 without parliamentary approval and a vote from MPs. A British court ruled on Thursday that the government needs parliamentary approval to start the process of leaving the European Union, potentially delaying Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit plans.

Anti democracy pro EU campaigners have won their battle over Theresa May's decision to use the royal prerogative in her Brexit strategy to start the process of leaving the European Union.

The UK government have said they will appeal the decision in the Supreme Court. And in case you were wondering why the pro EU anti Brexit campaigners want the UK parliament to have the final decision on Brexit and whether or not to trigger article 50, this graph should make things crystal clear -

And just who are these people who are trying to stop Brexit from happening at all cost? Meet Gina Miller, who's leading the campaign against the government and against Brexit. She runs an investment firm with a reported £100 million in its portfolios. Mrs Miller, who voted Remain, went on record to say that the Brexit vote on June 23 made her feel "physically sick". She has been accused by the UK Attorney General of attempting to subvert the democratic will of the British people. And he's right, seeing how the “remain” undemocratic forces have conspired to derail and try to stop the Brexit from happening at almost any cost. Because this is the face of the new anti democracy fascists, not brown shirted thugs or bearded Communists, but rich men and women in expensive suits who loath the very idea of a democratic outcome, which makes them "physically sick" and will do all they can to stop it. Just as a reminder, it was an act of UK parliament which created the referendum on whether or not the UK should stay or leave the EU. The British people decided, overwhelmingly and by a clear and huge margin to leave the EU. It is not up to anyone in the UK, not the courts, or the parliament to ignore this clear and resounding resolution from the British people, their role is simply to carry it out. But this outcome would never be accepted to the pro EU anti democracy campaigners and their friends in the European Union, who abhor democracy and only accept it results when it suits their own agenda's and goals.

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