Watch how Trump praised, endorsed and defended Hillary in past interviews.

So one has to wonder, what does Donald Trump really think about Hillary?

And this wasn't the only time he praised and complimented Hillary and Bill on being "great and smart people".

This is an interview Trump gave to FOX news on 2012 where he goes on to extol and praise the Hillary for being the best US Secretary of State we've ever had!

When confronted with these contradictory statements, Trump said he was just being nice, and when Jimmy Kimmel asked him if he was just "full of shit", he nodded and said "yeah".

So one has to wonder, what does Donald Trump really think about Hillary? Which version is it? Does he really find her to be a great senator and secretary of state and a wonderful woman as he did in 2012, or does he actually think that she's a nasty woman and her experience as a senator and as a secretary of state was so bad it disqualifies her from being president?


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