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Saudi Arabia, like ISIS, conducts terrorist acts against civilians in Yemen, but instead of suicide

Paris-based medical charity Doctors Without Borders (MSF) has slammed the fourth air strike on one of its hospitals in Yemen, blaming the coalition led by Saudi Arabia, which is fighting Houthi rebels. 14 people were killed, including an MSF worker, and at least 19 injured, it said. This is the fourth time a hospital where MSF was operating has been hit in Yemen by Saudi forces, and UN resolutions calling for an end to attacks on medical installations and appeals for international law to be respected in the Yemeni conflict are being ignored by Saudi Arabia. An attack on what MSF claims to be a school in neighbouring Saada governorate at the weekend killed 10 children, and just a few months ago Saudi f-16 planes bombed a market and killed more than 120 people. Western governments like the US, UK and Canada turn a blind eye to Saudi atrocities in Yemen, because they don't want to upset their best arms client, which spends tens of billions of dollars a year purchasing from those countries sophisticated weapons and bombs, which in turn the Saudi army employs in Yemen and systematically murderes civilians, including children, and bombs hospitals and schools indiscriminately. One can't but notice how when ISIS murders civilians they are condemmed by the western countries, but when Saudi Arabia, which resembles ISIS in many ways both being an intolerant, medieval, fundamentalist cult which is keen on beheading whoever they label as "infidels", does the same while using western weapons, all the west does is ask the Saudi king if he wants more. READ MORE ON HOW CANADA AND THE US PROVIDE ARMS TO SAUDI ARABIA:!Why-the-US-supports-the-autocratic-dictatorship-of-Saudi-Arabia/c10cg/571b6aca0cf28d4bbf51ad3f!Canadas-PM-is-a-hypocrite-on-a-quantum-scale/c10cg/57190b0e0cf28f7f9b9b04c8 MORE SAUDI RELATED POSTS:!home/fgic4/tag/#Saudi-Arabia

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