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Media outraged over a one off $400 million US payment to Iran, while ignoring $3.1 billion US annual

The world and US main stream media (MSM) have been going bonkers over the one off $400 million payment the US gave to Iran. True it was done in suspicious way with an unmarked plane carrying the money in small unmarked bills, the way the mafia likes to transfer money. It's also true that that money coincided with the release of five American hostages that were held in Iran, however, if you examine the facts you find out that actually that it was a payment that President Obama announced back in January. What’s more, the payment was the result of a 35-year case in international court — and had nothing to do with any "hostage" payments and does not represent any “aid” of any sort to Iran, just money the US owed Iran for a long time. But still the MSM goes on and on about, while almost never ever mentioning the fact that the US transfers $3.1 billion in military aid, annually, to Israel, which amounts to $10.2 million a day. Actually that number is going to increase soon, to $4 billion, and some say even to 5 $billion, all to support a country that illegally occupies almost 2 million people, invades its neighboring countries on a regular basis, ignores UN resolutions and has an appalling human rights record. The Iran regime is not a bed of roses, and is also guilty of many crimes and injustices, and deserves the full criticism of the MSM over any sum of money the US transfers to it, but what about Israel? Why does Israel acts with impunity and flaunts both the UN resolutions and international law as it implements its viscous military occupation of the west bank and its siege of the Gaza strip, while receiving colossal amounts of US taxpayers money as “aid” from the US which enables the Israeli regime to continue with its policies literally unchallenged and with impunity? Why is there no huge public and political furor, and no obsessive media coverage over that? US statement in January 2016 about the future money transfer to Iran : Israel demands to raise annual US aid to 5 billion a year:

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