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ISIS terrorist attack in North East Syria kill at least 44 people and injures hundreds.

Isis has carried out a devestating terrorist attack today when two bombs went off in the predominantly Kurdish city of Qamishli in the Syrian Kurdish enclave in north east Syria, and killed at least 44 people and injured hundreds. A truck packed with explosives blew up on the western side of Qamishli, which is the de facto capital of the Kurdish controlled zone, and this was followed with the explosion of a bomb on a motorcycle. Rescue teams are working to find people under the rubble. “It was a massive explosion,” local journalist Idris Ali told the Kurdish news agency Rudaw. “The bang was heard across Qamishli. Every hospital is receiving the wounded.”

The Syrian town of Qamishli, right on the Turkish border, is controlled by Kurdish militia. Still, Syrian government forces are also present in the area, controlling the local airport.

The attack on Qamishli could be a reply to the US-backed Kurdish militia attacking Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) in northern Syria, currently staging an offensive to capture the IS-held town of Manbij, situated further to the east of Qamishli.

Kurdish forces have already captured wide areas of the Syrian territory from ISIS soldiers.

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