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According to BBC the victim of the suicide bomb attack in Germany, was the suicide bomber.

The "impartial" BBC has done it again. A 27 year old Syrian refugee in Germany blew himself up on Sunday outside a crowded music festival, injuring 12 people in the country's fourth violent attack on members of the public in less than a week. He tried to enter the festival, probably to kill as many people as he could, but when he was denied entry, he walked away from the festival and blew himself up in the next street, injuring 12 people. The man reportedly pledged allegiance to ISIS in a video investigators found on his phone, Reuters reports. Afterward, the ISIS-linked news source Amaq claimed responsibility for the attack and called the Syrian a “soldier of the Islamic State.” But in an alternate reality/dimension/timeline, and according to the BBC headline, a Syrian migrant died because of a "German" blast. That's not even "fake news" just "deluded news". The BBC removed this from their website after people called them out on this mind boggeling stupid headline, but the internet always remembers. Source:

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