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Erdogan uses the coup attempt to reshape Turkey in his own image.

The purge Erdogan started after the failed coup attempt in the Turkish army has expanded to include tens of thousands of people from all walks of life in Turkey. Just three days after the failed coup attempt, more than 15,000 education staff in Turkey have been suspended after last week's failed coup, as a purge of state officials widens still further.

The ministry of education accused them of links to Fethullah Gulen, a US-based cleric the Turkish government says was behind Friday's uprising.

Mr Gulen denies any involvement and blames the Turkish government of orchestrating the coup in order to use it as an excuse to seize more power in Turkey.

More than 1,500 university deans have also been ordered to resign and the licences of 21,000 teachers working at private institutions revoked. Up until now 6,000 military personnel have been arrested, with more than two dozen generals awaiting trial. Nearly 9,000 police officers have been sacked .Close to 3,000 judges have been suspended . Some 1,500 employees of Turkey's finance ministry have been dismissed .492 have been fired from the Religious Affairs Directorate . More than 250 staff in Mr Yildirim's office have been removed. Tens of thousands of people, all sacked/removed/arrested in the space of two days. One has to wonder how the hell do all those people have any relation to the failed coup seeing that it's impossible that even most of them knew about it or had any sort of involvement with it. The only logical conclusion is that Erdogan is using the coup as an excuse to execute his wildest desires and plans and purge ALL the Turkish institutions of ANYONE who is not in his camp. Where will this end? Only after every opposition to Erdogan has been squashed and the whole of institutional Turkish , from the army to Education, will be staffed by people who's loyalty will be not to Turkey and its democratic institutions and republican secular Kemalist values, but to Erdogan and his AK's party ideology. One can argue that While the military coup attempt in Turkey has been a resounding failure, the counter Erdogan coup has been a huge success.

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