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The military coup attempt in Turkey has failed.

It appears that the attempted military coup in Turkey has largely failed, even though there are reports of gun fights which are still going on across Turkey. The coup plotters seemed to have had the upper hand, especially since they took over the national TV station and broadcast that they have taken control over the country. But soon after that President Erdoagn, appearing on a Skype call on a smartphone which was aired live on CNN Turk, rallied his supporters and called them to go out into the streets and oppose the coup. This prompted many of Erdoagan's supporters and other people to go out in force into the streets and confront the military forces and the military coup lost its momentum. The death toll is currently at 90, state-run Anadolu Agency reported, with 1,154 people wounded.

Turkish authorities have detained 1,563 military personnel across the country. Military coups have a been a recurring phenomenon in Turkish politics and Turkish modern history up until very recent times. The army who sees himself as the guardian of the founding Kemalist values of the Turkish republic and a protector of Turkish secularism has staged many coups in the past and has taken over the government on many occasion. President Erdogan was fully aware of this, that's why he has been purging the top military echlons of anyone who might have opposed him and replacing them with generals who were loyal to him. There is little doubt that President Erdogan will use this event to exact revenge on planners of the coup and their associates and will once again purge the army. In many ways this might have been the death rattle of the longtime Turkish tradition of military coups against Turkish governments and leaders.

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