The facts about the terror attack in Nice.

July 15, 2016

A large truck ploughed into crowds celebrating Bastille Day in the southern French city of Nice at about 11pm local time on Thursday.

At least 84 people were killed, including several children. A further 18 were seriously injured. 

Witnesses said the driver swerved from side to side to apparently kill as many people as possible as he drove at about 50kmh for 2km along the Promenade des Anglais on the seafront.

One witness said the driver fired a gun at police before they killed him. 

The truck driver, Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhle , a known criminal,  was identified by French press as a 31-year-old French man of Tunisian descent.

The convicted criminal was well known to the police for armed attacks. He was described as a "weird loner" by neighbors who "became depressed" when his wife left him. He lived in the Riviera city and was regularly in trouble with the law.

Isis HAVE NOT claimed responsibility for this terror attack, and it is thought that the man acted on his own, as a "lone wolf" rather than as a part of an Isis terror cell.

However, Isis encouraged its supporters to attack French people with cars ahead of the Nice attack.

Isis told supporters to run French over with cars before Nice truck attack Isis spokesperson Abu Muhammad al Adnani recommended the tactic if supporters couldn’t ‘find an IED or a bullet’.

UPDATE: Isis have taken responsibilty for this terrorist act, though it remains very unlcear whether Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhle was a member of their group.






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