On Bernie Sanders Political U-turn.

I really feel bad for those people who thought they were supporting and donating money to help the Bernie Sanders Campaign while in reality all they were doing was supporting and donating money to the Hillary Clinton Campaign. For almost a year he has been railing against Hillary and against everything she stood for, only to completely ignore all his previous speeches where he denounced her and yesterday make a passionate endorsement speech for her urging all his followers to vote for her. Talk about a U-turn, or a Bern - turn. I love how immediately after the endorsement the Hillary/Bernie spin doctors were already broadcasting the following propaganda: "But we have to stop Trump!" I thought that the whole point of supporting Bernie was to stop Hillary. I for one think that there should be some sort of class action or at least somebody should sue him for committing mass fraud and for basically swindling a millions of people. But I guess if he ran into trouble, Hillary could always call her pals in the FBI and they will make sure that no one ever tries to bring any sort of legal action against him, no matter what he did.