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The EU is a European empire in the making.

Let's be clear, the European Union's sole purpose is to turn all democratic nation states in Europe in one supernational European empire. This is THE founding principle of the European Union which calls for an "ever-closer political union", and this has been echoed by previous EU leaders who have said that a European federal state will be a reality in the coming years. In case you missed out on your European history lessons, the last two people who wanted to turn the whole of Europe into one country with one leader were Hitler and Napoleon. But while they used soldiers, tanks and military means to destroy the independence and sovereignty of other European countries, the EU uses propaganda, money and other soft power coercive and nefarious methods to gnaw at and remove, bit by bit, the independence and sovereignty of European countries. Now to be honest I don't really mind those people who support the idea of a European empire, at least they are honest about their intentions. What I do mind, is these sniveling, uneducated, brainwashed, and most of the time very well paid EUphiles you constantly see on mass media, in Brussels and on social media, that go around trying to convince everyone that the EU is all about "peace, love and democracy", while in fact what the EU is really all about is destroying the democracy and sovereignty of all nation states in Europe and turning them and the people who live in them into one European people who live in one European empire, ruled by one European leader, which is exactly what Hitler and Napoleon wanted to achieve. The former president of the EU said that Federal Europe will be 'a reality in a few years'. Watch what Tony Benn, one of the most distinguished, honest and respected politicians in the UK, had to say about the EU: Watch what Vladimir Bukovsky, who spent many years in Russian labour camps and psychiatric prisons for defending human rights, had to say about the EU: FOR MORE POSTS ABOUT THE EU:!home/fgic4/tag/EU

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