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On how terror victims are used to justify political agendas and causes.

These days whenever a horrendous terror attack takes place, people don't wait even until the blood has dried up on the floor, or for the bodies to get cold, before they cynically hijack the terror victims in order to push their own political agendas and goals. Barely a day after the Pulse club shooting Donald Trump was calling again for banning all Muslim from entering the US, ignoring that the man who did this terror act was a born and raised American. He was soon followed by president Obama reiterating his call for more gun control, ignoring the fact that Omar Mateen, the terrorist, was a nut job who pledged his allegiance to ISIS and would have undoubtedly found another way of killing a lot of people even if stricter gun control laws were enacted. I'm not even talking about all the crazies and sensationalists on social media, both on the left and on the right, who use every terror attack as an opportunity to spew and reiterate their own political ideologies and to promote their simplistic political propaganda. "We need to wake up and realize that this terrorist attack ONLY happened because of Muslims/guns/homophobia/racism/extremism/insert your political cause, and if we don’t do something about it IT WILL HAPPEN AGAIN!" A fucking nut job went and killed 50 people, that's what happened, everything else you hear is just propaganda trying to promote some political cause.

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