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Hillary preaches about inequality while wearing an outfit that costs more than what Americans earn i

So it turns out that the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee wore a $12,000 jacket during her victory speech in April in which she explored topics of income inequality, job creation and retirement schemes. Now I don't mind people buying nice things if they can afford them, but what I do mind is Hillary Clinton lying through her teeth about how she cares about issues like ***income inequality***, as in regular people who work full time and can't pay the bills at the end of the month while wearing an Armani jacket that's worth $12,000. And this was just the jacket; I'm not even talking about the rest of her outfit. $12,000 is what a lot of working people in the US EARN in a YEAR. Of course Hillary probably doesn't knows about that. I mean if you earn almost $150 million just from giving a 20 minutes talk to Wall Street and international banks and other major financial institutions, how the hell would you know that the price of just one of your Armani jackets represents what a lot of working people in the US earn in a year? Read more on how Hillary and bill received more than $150 million from Wall street , international banks and corporations as "speaking fees":!Hillary-denies-big-banks-influence-despite-receiving-millions-from-them/c10cg/5729d02f0cf25326f6c4d9ab Source:

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