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Hillary is a gung ho warmongerer, and Libya and Iraq are the proof.

When it comes to attacking, bombing the shit and utterly destroying countries based on zero evidence, justification or provocation, you can always count on Hillary Clinton to support such insanities. She voted for and supported the 2003 illegal and criminal invasion of Iraq. An invasion that cost the lives of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis plunged Iraq into a civil war and which was solely based on lies and propaganda. You'd think that Hillary would have learned her lesson right? Wrong. In 2011 she and "Nobel peace laureate" Obama attacked and bombed the shit out of Libya and basically destroyed the country and plunged it into a vicious civil war with no end in sight. She did all of that without any substantial evidence or justification to substantiate such a reckless and insane operation. The then US Defense Secretary Robert Gates said at the time that no vital U.S. interest was at stake. Recently, he told the New York Times that “the fiction was maintained” that the goal was to cripple Moammar Gaddafi’s ability to attack other Libyans. Clearly, when people talk about a future president who would drag the US into crazy and unprovoked wars that would kill many innocent people and destroy whole countries, they are referring to Hillary Clinton. Sources: [if !supportLineBreakNewLine] [endif]

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