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Captain Picard and Sherlock Holmes think that an independent sovereign UK is bad idea.

In a letter published by the Telegraph, celebrities including Benedict Cumberbatch , Keira Knightley and Sir Patrick Stewart back the Remain campaign, warning that a Britain will become "an outsider shouting from the wings" in event of Brexit. Their intervention will face criticism from Eurosceptic campaigners, who will point out that many of the wealthy signatories spend much of their time living abroad and stand to benefit financially from Britain’s continued membership of the EU. In case people are not aware, the EU gives lots of funds (which is basiclly British and European tax payers money) to cultural, film and art foundations and funds in the UK, in order to make those artists and celebrities who depend on those funds and foundations a useful propaganda tool for the EU whenever it needs them on an issue such as Brexit. The fact that people in the UK will now vote on whether or not stay in the EU and whether the UK should remain an independent and sovereign country, based on what fictional characters like captain picard and sherlock holmes tells them to vote, is disturbing to say the least.

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