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How the EU plans to 'unify' Europe.

The European Union started as an economic union between European countries which sought to boost trade and economic ties, and NOT a closer political union, or some sort of one European state. On 25 March 1957 by Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and West Germany signed The Treaty of Rome which was an international agreement that brought about the creation of the European Economic Community (EEC). However in 1992, the word "economic" was dropped and a new treaty The Maastricht Treaty was signed, it created the European Union and led to the creation of the single European currency, the euro. The creation of the EU shifted the objective of the union of European countries from economical ties to political integration, which resulted in the increasing loss of sovereignty and independence for European member states. Further treaties enforced this shift, and the 2007 Lisbon Treaty established the foundation of a European superstate. The problem with a European political union which results in one European super state is simple, it is impossible through peaceful means, and can only be achieved through violence and force. You cannot unify a myriad of countries that have opposite values, culture, religous outlook and history into one homogonous, transnational European supertstate. Every time that Europe was "unified" in the past it was always done through the use of force and violence. From Napoleon to Hitler, one thing was proved, Europe CANNOT be unified unless you use violent means or conquer it with an army. If someone were to tell you a few years ago that the EU would be threatening some of its member states with economic warfare and sanctions, simply because they have a different opinion than the EU Brussels's party line, you would think they were mad, right? Well that's EXCATLY what the EU is proposing to do with Hungary, Poland, Greece and any other country that shows any sign of opposition to its authoritarian policies and to its fundamentalist "unifying" ideology. And why the hell does Europe needs to be "unified" to begin with? What's wrong with simply cooperating with each other? Because the cooperation is not what the EU wants. Basicly, what the EU wants, as it stated in the past, is the complete destruction of all independence and sovereignty of European countries, and to turn the whole of Europe into one transnational superstate culminating with the EU's total domination of Europe. Good thing the EU doesn't have an army, otherwise it would actually be in a position to do so, right? Well turns out that plans to form an EU army has been rapidly accelerated lately, with Germany pushing very strongly for the formation of an EU army, and it looks like it might take shape in the coming years. Again,this should come as no surprise to anyone seeing how a centralised army is an indispensable component of the future "unified" European superstate to which the EU is openly committed to. Just imagine, the EU, the antithesis of a democratic institution whose sole goal is to destroy other European countries independence and sovereignty, with its own army. Well there's no need to imagine this, as this is what will happen, sooner or later. If you think you can "unify" Europe, as is the stated goal of the European Union, in any other way besides coercion, threats, propaganda and ultimalty the use of violence, you're either deluded, uneducated, brainwashed or extremely stupid. Formet Head of the EU says a unified Europe will be a reality in a few years - The EU speeds up the project of a EU army - EU threatens Poland with economic sanctions -,Hungary-would-never-back-EU-penalties-against- Poland-Orban EU threatens Hungary with economic sanctions-

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