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Germans at the start and at the end of WW2.

In between the Germans managed to murder tens of millions people, Jews, Poles, Russians, Greeks, Gypsies and many other groups or nationalities of people, simply because they were not Germans, or "Aryans", and they also destroyed half of Europe, and caused the bloodiest war in human history, before they were finally stopped in 1945. It is important to remember how the NSDAP (Nazi party) had OVER 8.5 MILLION members and how over 17 million Germans voted for Hitler in the last free elections in Germany. In contrast About 200 ethnically Germans were actively resisting Hitler in the 1930's. 200 out of a population of around 65 million Germans! The rest of the Germans who were living in Germany simply passively or actively supported the Nazis and their insane atrocities and wars. Even towards the end of WW2, when almost every European country which was under German occupation defiantly rose in arms against the Nazis, people in Germany never even flinched in their fanatical support for Hitler and for the Nazi regime.

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