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Russian Occupied Georgian province South Ossetia announces referendum to join Russia.

South Ossetia, a Georgian province occupied by Russia since 2008, is due to hold a constitutional referendum, the results of which will make it easier for the Russian occupied region become part of Russia.

South Ossetia's Russian backed puppet "president" Leonid Tibilov said to TASS that “We are discussing possible dates [for the referendum] at the moment. There's no specific date yet, but it will happen in the near future. Before August.”.

The referendum will center on changing the republic's constitution in a way which would make future incorporation into the Russian Federation easier.

South Ossetia was occupied by Russian troops in 2008 and is not recognised as an independent country by the international community. Currently Russia also occupies the Georgian province of Abkhazia as well and in total about 20% of Georgian lands. I wonder how long until the regions in E Ukraine, Donetsk andLuhansk, which are currently occupied by Russian backed "rebels" will have their own "referendums" on joining Russia, and I'm sure they will have a turnout of 123% as well, just like the one in Crimea. Source:

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