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The 2016 presidential shining.

With Trump's and Hillary's YUGE win in NY they both look set to be the next Republican and Democrat presidential candidates. Despite Trump's recent setbacks ("Women should be punished for having an abortion, err... I meant the doctors er... I meant the women.") Trump seems to be building up his momentum again (faceplam yourself America) mostly by not giving interviews or talking to the press and by not making his usual super insane statements. Clinton's popularity has been dropping amongst Americans, especially because of the damage Bernie Sanders has been doing to her, exposing her publicly as a Wall Street puppet that's only there to serve the interests big financial institutions and not those of the American people. Trump will try to do to Hillary what he has done to all the other GOP candidates, namely blow them out of the water with a blitzkrieg of crazy-populist-hysterical-pseudo honest general statements that Americans seem to love so much to hear these days.

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