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China's great internet firewall.

Did you know that the Chinese government practically blocks everything on the internet ,which it does not approve, from reaching 1.35 Billion Chinese?

China operates one of the world's most sophisticated online censorship mechanisms, known as the Great Firewall. Censors keep a grip on what can be published online, particularly content seen as potentially undermining the ruling Communist Party. The Great Firewall is a vast internet surveillance and content-control system that prevents people in China from accessing certain websites and pages. It blocks content that’s critical of the Chinese government or that covers controversial political events, such as the Tiananmen Square protest or spiritual movements such as Falun Gong. Some 171 out of the world’s 1,000 top websites are blocked, including Google, Facebook and Twitter, according to censorship monitor In order to access these sites, Chinese internet users can use VPN services, although the government has been trying to clamp down on these for several years. The Chinese central government has two main ways of controlling what its citizens see on the web: the Great Firewall, as it is called by foreigners, which is a system of limiting access to foreign websites which started in the late 1990s, and the Golden Shield, a system for domestic surveillance set up in 1998 by the Ministry of Public Security. In all there are thought to be around 100,000 people, employed both by the state and by private companies, policing China's internet around the clock. Around 600m+ Chinese Internet users can't access blocked sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Wikipedia, Twitter and many others.

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