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Trump stumps himself.

First Trump said women who had an abortion should be punished. When he saw the backlash he said that the doctors who perform the abortions should be punished. THEN Trump doubled down on his original statement and said that he "didn't see any big deal" about the comments at the time he made them, and bragged about how "a lot of people" thought his answer was "excellent" and a "very good answer." This erratic change of opinion over such an important issue might have been the trigger to his yesterday's loss in Wisconsin, where he was trumped by Ted Cruz. Trump broke his own image, as the fearless not PC anti establishment that always speaks his mind and stands by what he says. THAT was what made him "great again" in the minds of millions of Americans, people actually believed he was being honest and truthful about what he really thinks and believes in. Seems like Trump did what no one else in the world managed to do, he destroyed his own image, and exposed himself as being a lying two faced hypocrite who only says what he thinks other people want to hear, in short - just another politician. Source:

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