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David Cameron's tax hypocrisy revealed.

David Cameron has been for years calling on people in the UK to not evade paying their taxes and not to use tax havens in order to stash away their business and company's profits. However, as the Panama papers documentation revealed, David Cameron's family owned company, "Blairmore Holdings Inc", an investment fund which managed tens of millions of pounds on behalf of wealthy families, ran an offshore account in the Bahamas tax haven that helped the Cameron's avoid having to pay taxes in Britain for the last 30 years. They did this by hiring a small army of Bahamas residents – including a part-time bishop – to sign its paperwork, and thus make it appear as if it's a company from Bahama instead of a mutli million investment fund from the UK. But this is nothing new in the UK, where the upper class and prominent members of the establishment ,like David Cameron and his family, often use tax havens in order to not pay their taxes in the UK, while criticising the middle class, regular people and everyone else for daring to avoid paying their taxes. Source:

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