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Zuckerberg apologise for banning people, promises he won't do it again.

Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg has announced today on April 1 that he will stop censoring people online and will also restore all the memes, posts and pages he has deleted in the last 10 years. The bombshell announcement came in a special press conference he convened in the FB headquarters in Menlo Park, California.

“I realize that freedom of speech and expression is a basic human right and its wrong for one individual to deny it to billions of people.” Mark Zuckerberg said today in the press conference.

Mark Zuckerberg during his dramatic press conference earlier today.

He added “I behaved like some third world demented dictator up until now, silencing and removing anyone I didn't like or agreed with what they had to say, but that's going to change from now on.” "I want FB to connect people and ideas from all over the world, not censor them." He finished by saying “ I would like to apologize to anyone I've banned, deleted and zucced over the years.” FB has also announced that it will compensate users for the mental anguish FB censoring has caused them over the years. Anyone who was banned for posting on FB will receive a compensation of 10 dollars for every day they were banned, with people who were banned for 30 days receiving an extra special 50 dollars bonus.

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