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Brexit will be good for the UK, and bad for the EU.

Seriously, there are no good reasons for the UK to stay in the EU. Everything that the EU and their UK lackey's propaganda are spewing about how "terrible" it will be for the UK if it left, is absolute nonsense. There will be no economic/trade long term penalties for the UK because everything will be renegotiated with a new trade deal, after the UK left. If you want to have a good laugh just check out how the EU's propaganda "reasons to stay" list : Point by point, they are either outright lies ("6. Power to curb the multinationals" - with the EU headed by criminals like Jean-Claude Juncker that helped multinationals evade paying taxes in Europe. ) or just pure propaganda ("8. Peace and democracy", "11. Cutting red tape" ?!?!?!?!) The only party that will really suffer if the UK left, would be the EU, because the UK contributes over $15 billion euro to the EU annual budget, and because Brexit might start a chain reaction of other countries wanting to leave the EU, ultimately destroying it. A good read that breaks down the economic situation for the UK in the case of Brexit: Here's a shortlist of all the reason why the UK would be better of leaving the EU:

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