November 30, 2020

Not many people know about the war between Finland and Russia "The winter war", even today.

On november 29 1939, Soviet planes bomb an airfield at Helsinki, Finland, the following day Soviet Russia launched a full scale invasion of Finland.

Soviet Russia wanted territorial...

November 28, 2020

From 1932 to 1933 Stalin murdered 7-10 million Ukrainians by starving them to death.

In early 1930, Stalin had announced his intention to “liquidate” prosperous peasants (“kulaks”) as a class so that the state could control agriculture and use capital extracted from the cou...

October 7, 2020

Communists are no longer welcomed in the USA.

The Trump administration has decided to bar Communist Party members from immigrating into the country, according to new policy guidance issued by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) last Friday.

Communist Party...

August 23, 2020

On August 23, 1939, Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany signed the Molotov - Ribbentrop pact, named after the Soviet foreign minister Vyacheslav Molotov and the Nazi German foreign minister Joachim von Ribbentrop.

The biggest historical misconceptions regarding the Molotov - Rib...

June 19, 2020

Putin blames Poland for being responsible for starting WW2 and the fact that it was invaded by Nazi Germany in 1939.

Russia's president wrote an “article” which was published yesterday by US media which is not just guilty of rewriting WW2 history, but turning it on it's hea...

May 20, 2020

Pol Pot created in Cambodia one of the 20th century's most brutal and murderous regimes in history, the Khmer Rouge.

He and his inner circle of revolutionaries adopted a revolutionary creed based on the two worst forms of totalitarian ideologies the world has ever seen, Mao...

January 20, 2020

Putin's attempts to reinvent WW2 history continues.

Today, at a public speech he gave in St. Petersburg, Putin continued his campaign of trying to distort, manipulate and rewrite the history of WW2, specifically of how Soviet Russia and their Nazi German allies invaded Pola...

December 26, 2019

Mao Zedong, the founder of the Communist People's Republic of China, was responsible for the deaths of some 45 million Chinese, most of whom starved to death as a result of Mao's farm collectivization and industrialization policies, known as the “great leap forward”.


December 22, 2019

Putin is trying to rewrite WW2 history.

The Russian president Vladimir Putin, rejected Western criticism of the Soviet Union’s pact with Nazi Germany which led to WW2.

Speaking during Friday’s meeting with the leaders of other ex-Soviet countries in St. Petersburg, strong...

September 29, 2019

The world famous "Solidarity" freedom hero, five year Polish president and Nobel Peace prize winner, Lech Walesa, was a paid secret agent who collaborated with Poland’s communist regime and was a Communist spy.

For many years historians in Poland have argued that Walesa, co...

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